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Windows media player 12 constantly updating media library

Followed the directions and it worked like a charm without any data/song loss. I like WMP and when my library stopped working I was going crazy.For three months i tried to get it fixed but no luck.And make sure that Under the More Advanced Options That the all boxes are checked except Case Sensitive Then click SEARCH When the search is complete, Delete All of the files that it found (these should be all WMDB files) Next, is an optional step.I strongly suggest, that you keep your music all together in one folder (Note it is ok to have subfolders within the main music folder).First we need to locate and delete the library index.To do this, Click Then Choose All Files and Folders , then for the All or part of the file name, put *, Change the Look in to My Computer.When you add media files to Windows Media Player, the Media Player will automatically attempt to retrieve file information from an Internet database.

ideas please cos i think i may start to cry soon WHY IS IT SO EASY TO FIX AND SO COMPLICATED IN THE PLAYER. My problem was due to the fact that the player was recognizing my music and my itunes folder that had all the same files.

If you do not know where all of your music is do a search.

This time, we would choose Pictures, Music, or Video and check mark Music, then do not type anything in the All or part of the name Area, so that the search finds All Music.

This will produce a complete list of all MUSIC files on your pc. As I said this is a optional, but recommended step.

Finally, the last step, is to reopen Windows Media Player, it will automatically search your PC for Media files, and you will see this screen: If it doesnt start automatically searching, either, click on the Click Here button or, hit F3 .


  1. Apr 28, 2015. I have been having a lot of troubles with my Windows Media Player on Windows 7 but I found this cool trick that allows you to reset WMP12 back to it's default. Unfortunately none of the suggestions worked for me running the command line fix says it finds a problem, yet it does not fix itany.

  2. I am using w7 and windows media player automatically loads a unknown file in my library. The problem is that most of the music is already in the library in the.

  3. Apr 9, 2010. Here's a new one to us Linking your Windows Live ID to Windows Media Player 12 in Windows 7 allows you to stream your entire music library to any computer. Even better no need to install third-party software with this method.

  4. Help on using Windows Media Player. If you're building a playlist in the rightmost library pane, you may need to push Stop in order to get the time to show up. If you're on Windows XPSP2 and wish to rollback from WMP10, you will want to check the "Show Updates" button in the Add/Remove Programs control panel, as.

  5. Windows Media Player versions 9, 10 and 11 has a rather annoying problem where it will sometimes list duplicate songs/videos in your library which is a problem, especially if your music is not in one centralized location. So for this article I will show you how to clean up a Windows Media Player Library mess and get your.

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