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He or she may know the pet's favorite spots or escape tactics.

You spilled red wine There's hope for saving the carpet, couch cushion or poodle you've spilled on.

When I said yes, he said, ' How funny -- the seal is still on the bottle! We're not talking train-station accuracy -- just plan to, say, clean in the morning and start cooking by noon.

"Someone who doesn't entertain a lot doesn't start until p.m.

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Quietly grab one or two nearby guests to search neighboring yards, but let the host lead.I rolled green olives in bacon, secured them with toothpicks and broiled them -- quickly causing puffs of smoke to billow out. Mess: "I had planned on making homemade vodka tomato sauce for my friends, but since I was short on time, I bought the jarred stuff, which I tried to pass off as my own creation.My 'fancy' plastic toothpicks had melted." -- Lesson: Don't pressure yourself! "When we have people over, everybody knows they're just there to have a good time," says L. Seeing a bottle of vodka on the counter, my husband asked if that was what I'd used to make the sauce."But it's always good to go over the recipe beforehand, so you can easily think of the next thing that needs to be done." This should be easy, since you wouldn't dare entertain with a dish you've never made. I need to concentrate for a minute." Better yet, narrate the recipe. Even if you don't, ask your kitchen visitor to do it."Now lemme just get this pot of boiling water to the sink," should alert even the most clueless guest to can it. This will either turn the focus to food or bore them straight out of the kitchen. Here's how to avoid them: You let the host's pet outside Alert the owner quietly to keep party guests from panicking.If it doesn't, apologize and offer to pay for the damage.You broke something Shattering someone else's possessions can make you feel helpless.(Low-maintenance snacks like nuts and olives are handy here, too.) After that, explain that you have some things to finish, but that he or she is welcome to watch TV.Chances are, this time-challenged guest's manners will kick in and you'll score an assistant." should do it.) MESSES MADE OVER: ENTERTAINING EDITION Our experts show us lessons we can all learn from our readers' hosting mishaps.Mess: "Some friends were coming for dinner, so I wanted to make a fancy appetizer.


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  2. There are lot of things you don't know about Rachael Ray. From scandals to controversies, Rachael Ray has been all over.

  3. After checking out a singles bowling night and going on a date with a new guy, Sunny Anderson tries to meet Mr. Right using expert tips that are good for all the.

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  5. Rachael Ray, Actress The Emoji Movie. Lives in the Adirondacks with her husband John M. Cusimano, mother Elsa Scuderi, a cat and two fishes. Has a younger brother.

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