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Won the DFC and the Air Medal with 4 oak leaf clusters. He flew 32 missions as a B-24 pilot in the 489th Bomb Group in England. See Graduated Albany, S/N: O-820750 Assigned to 2nd A. He may have been in the 86th Fighter/Bomber Gp, 526th Fighter Sqdn and was killed in action. 5, 1922, in Szolnok, Hungary, after meeting her future husband, Charles V. in Austria during World War II, moved to New Orleans, LA in 1947, and spent most of her life there before retiring to Ocean Springs, Miss., with Charles. Charles Victor Hudson, Jr., 90 passed away Thursday, June 4, 2009. Crew abandoned ship near the front-line in western Germany. On April 6, 1945, he was co-pilot of a B-17G (S/N: 43-39164) with a crew of 8 on a mission to Leipzig, Germany. 4 was on fire, and the plane went into a flat spin and fell apart. The Lawrence, AL War Memorial site lists him as 2nd Lt.

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As a bombardier and navigator, he flew 47 combat missions in World War II between 19, in both the B-24 and B-29 Bombers. He began his military career being trained as a paratrooper, but applied for and got aviation cadet status. His military separation (honorable discharge) papers of November 26, 1945 show that he was an attorney before his entrance into service on January 7, 1944, was competent to pilot a two-engine plane, participated in "Air Offensive Japan, Ryukus, China Offensive, Western Pacific, Southern Phillipines, Luzon," that he was awarded "Air Medal, Phillipine Liberation Ribbon with 1 Bronze Star, Asiatic Pacific Ribbon with 7 Bronze Stars, WD Cir 195/44, World War II Victory Medal, and the American Campaign Medal." He was overseas and returned. Student Officer: Second Lieutenant and Joe Gray was his instructor at Douglas. in Feb 1945 and was in Air Transport Command flying P-47’s and P-51’s He graduated from Turner Field, S/N: O-820680. He was credited with saving at least 10 lives as a pilot in the "Snafu Snatchers" (PBY Catalinas) air sea rescue squadron. He stayed in the service for 21 years and was qualified to fly B-52’s. There was a collision with another plane in the same squadron. He graduated from Spence Field, S/N: O-820484 on Jan. He went into Computer Operations after his service. After the war he was with the Western Electric Co., then with Bell Labs. He was 19 years old when he went to Italy and flew his first mission on Aug. Robert washed out of Primary and became a Gunner and Navigator on B-24’s. 22, 1944 he was co-pilot on a B-24J (S/N: 42-51300) with a crew of 9 leaving from Castelluccio, Italy on a bombing mission on the Lobau oil storage installation at Vienna, Austria. (MACR #8002) He graduated from Spence Field, S/N: O-820446. He flew P-51’s from San Severo, Italy from July 1944 to Nov. On this date he hit a tree while on a straffing mission (30th). He spent 3 weeks in a Bratislavia prison and 6 months as a P. He stayed in the Services as a Pilot and Ground Electronics Officer. He retired from Federal Service as the Director of the EDA Business Loan Division (Southeast). He graduated from Turner Field, Albany, GA, S/N: O-820722.


  1. Getting started I've converted some of the plane dating information found in Patrick Leach's Plane Type Study into an easy-to-use hypertext flowchart.

  2. The Earaheedy Basin, together with the Yerrida, Bryah and Padbury basins, form a series of Palaeoproterozoic basinal structures that extend for about 700 km east.

  3. NOTE This type discussion, along with the foregoing material, is based on personal examination of numerous Bed Rock specimens since 1973.

  4. Stanley 104 Liberty Bell smooth plane. offered 1876 - 1918. 9 inches long with a 2 1/8" cutter. This plane with has the Liberty Bell and the year 76 on the lever cap.

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