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As time passes by and we begin to age, our bodies have no choice but to age with us.

Along with a beer belly and aching joints, for most men a receding hairline is one of the most dreaded signs of maturing.

Our hairs are made up of two main structural proteins – keratin and collagen.

Keratin is the fibrous protein that makes up the bulk of the hair shaft. Collagen helps to maintain the strength of the hair, and is involved in the growth process.

Methionine and lysine are ranked as essential amino acids, meaning that our bodies cannot produce them and they must be obtained from food.

The body can create the other amino acids, but it may still be worth upping your dietary intake to be on the safe side.

Proline helps in the formation of collagen and is found in legumes, cruciferous vegetables, and meats.

As well as improving nerve function, glycine is involved in the formation of collagen and the maintenance of healthy hair follicles.

Concoctions of rosemary and nettle can help to reduce the secretion of sebum and reduce any excess plaque and oils.

Lysine is found in pulses, legumes, spirulina, nuts and seeds.

Cysteine is involved in the production of antioxidants and helps to build keratin.

The process can creep up on you if you’re not careful, and can progress to full on baldness if you don’t take action…Thankfully, the odds can be beaten.

Many men have been able to reverse a receding hairline and regain their youthful, flowing locks.


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