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Who is pollyanna woodward dating

So anything between 7,500 to 10,000 calories will be burnt up during this event.Pollyana: So we’ll have to take a decent supply of Krispy Kremes!PW: We had a drag car that we’d built for a power tool race, but the geometry of the car wasn’t quite right, so when I took it up to speed, the wheels started to wobble, and it was suddenly running on just two wheels!And we’d not realised at the time, but we’d not built in a seat belt."OK: What will be Pollyana’s toughest challenge doing the race? The physical and mental side of it is going to be really tough for her.There are lots of factors that will go against you.BS: I’m an ambassador for the Royal Marines, who have a charity – the C Group – which was set up to help guys who have been injured and maimed in action, and to help their families.

The most important thing for this race is that I have the strongest leg muscles possible, and that my back and arms are conditioned as well.Adrenaline junkie Pollyanna Woodward speaks to OK Magazine about her next adventure: the Patrouille des Glaciers - originally organised by the Swiss Army to test the endurance abilities of its mountain troops in World War Two.She has previously bungee-jumped 200 feet off a bridge in South Africa and competed in a power tool drag race – so heart-racing adventures are not a new experience for the presenter and awards host.But the gruelling, 53km extreme ski-mountaineering race in the Swiss Alps, regarded by experts as the toughest alpine race in the world, will certainly be one of her most daunting challenges.“I am under no illusion whatsoever that this isn’t going to hurt me! Ex-Marine and performance coach Bernie Shrosbree, will be training Polyanna. The Royal Marines had the idea to take a few female celebrities on the race with them, and create three separate teams, to help raise funds for their charity."OK: Bernie, you sound like the ultimate action man – how would we describe your job? I specialise in preparing high-end athletes, but I also do stuff with corporate people, because of the discipline in my background as a special forces guy.I’m a former member of the Royal Marines Special Boat Service.We’ve found some really steep coastal paths on cliffs where she’s been hiking in Dorset.She’ll tell you it’s a bit different from working with your personal trainer in the gym!"OK: Pollyana, won’t your family be on pins worrying about you doing the ski race? Sure, there have been a couple of hair-raising moments where there could have been issues or real injuries – I have been run over by a hovercraft, which was fairly dangerous!I was sat on a jet-ski in the sea and just out of nowhere the hovercraft came up and knocked me for six! "OK: What’s been your most dangerous moment while driving?


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  3. Adrenaline junkie and Gadget Show presenter Pollyanna Woodward speaks to OK Magazine about her next adventure the Patrouille des Glaciers.

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