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Updating google desktop

Prior to running sysprep, let’s create a new checkpoint for the virtual machine so we have a checkpoint to come back to when we are ready to make our next update to the image.It is also a good practice to rename the checkpoint to a name which references the update made.After the virtual desktop template is exported, the option of closing the wizard is available.You can close out of the wizard and let the process run in the background.

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This was created from our master virtual machine called Win7master.

So based on the following schedule, if the user is logged in between the dates listed, they will be automatically logged off and the desktop will be recreated using the latest update to our master virtual image.

The other option will allow us to force a specific time to recreate all the desktops regardless if a user is logged in or not.

Since I am connected to the console of the virtual desktop, when the virtual machine is deleted, Hyper-V will send a pop-up stating the machine was deleted.

After a few seconds, the machine will reappear back in the Hyper-V console.


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