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Registration validation is available to current DEA registrants at Follow this link to submit a tip to the DEA electronically.

If you prefer to speak with a DEA agent, we recommend you call your local DEA office.

Information relating to pharmaceutical controlled substance trafficking, suspicious online pharmacies may be reported electronically by following the link to DEA Diversion website.

We recommend you submit your requests to our FOIA office well ahead of any deadlines that you may be facing.

Further information can be found at this following link: https:// New York State Radiological Society was instrumental in getting DBT covered by the New York State Medicaid program by advocating at every level of government, including the State Legislature and the Executive Branch.

Last year Society members met with officials at the New York State Health Department, Insurance Department, and the Governor’s Office to gain support for including DBT in the State’s Medicaid benefit package.

DBT helps address the problem of overlapping tissues in planar FFDM and reduces interpretation inaccuracy.

The largest study to date published in the Journal of the American Medical Association in 2014 [7] which compared 281,187 conventional mammograms to 173,663 DBT exams reported the following statistically significant findings for DBT exams: A study published online on February 18, 2016 by JAMA Oncology reaffirmed that 3‐D mammography is a better test for breast cancer screening.


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