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A kind caring educated educated woman, a admires little things , i prefer someone who doesn't have children, and im open to have children with her or adopt one if she wants i prefer someone who's cur.. I am very passionate about taking care of my love ones,inner beauty is more impo.. I can say that i'm a wonderful friend and listener.Her special experience is considered as a legendary story in watch industry. Fu Wenli 付文丽 Fu Wenli is the president of NIVERSE, a real estate company in China.With prominent achievement in career and good looking, Fu Wenli often appear on cover of various fashion magazines.At 27 she established China’s first large-scale online educational company – Campus Online Group. Yang Mengfei 杨孟飞 Yang Mengfei is the president of a listed Canadian company.Her legendary story on the internet sparked heated discussion among netizens.In 2004, she brought the famous watch brand Philip Stein watch to Asia.

She studied at a university in Singapore and undertook MBA at an American university.

Nothing serious but I like to chill inside or out and anywhere, so if you're the ty..

Haven't found what I am looking for, but will know when I do.

Yang graduated from Ohio State University with a degree in marketing and logistics.

She succeeded to his father’s business and became one of the richest women in China. Yang Lan 杨澜 Starting out as a TV show hostess in 1990, Yang Lan has since became into one of China’s most recognized TV interviewers.


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