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Ireland dating customs

Making new Dutch friends or partners may be difficult at first but once break through, you'll find that Dutch girls and men can make very loyal friends or partners for life. It's important to be aware of the impact of cultural differences on your relationship.

Misunderstandings can easily arise when dating someone new, especially if your different upbringing means that you often take very different things for granted.

Relying on the Dutch penchant for modesty and honesty, your compliments should be the same.

What is the Dutch men dating culture or how should you approach Dutch women?

Here are 10 things you should you know about Dutch women and Dutch men before entering the Dutch dating game.

While many foreigners initially find dating in the Netherlands daunting or inaccessible, understanding Dutch personality traits and mentality can help reduce miscommunicating the ‘flirting' signals as practised by Dutch women and Dutch men.

Of course, similar to elsewhere, online dating in the Netherlands is increasingly becoming the norm as taboos are shed, particularly among older daters.


  1. Irish culture is not too different from the rest of the West, though they are likely to be Roman Catholic and this will affect their culture and behaviour in many ways. This might for instance mean no sex before marriage depending on how devout they are though most modern Irish men will not adhere to this rule and might.

  2. Jan 17, 2016. Some say that dating is dead and Tinder killed it. Others argue that Ireland didn't even have a dating culture to begin with. "It's never really dating in Ireland," says journalist and photographer Barbara McCarthy 40. "It's meeting someone and hanging out with them all the time after meeting them.

  3. I'm Irish, but live in the US. I've been out of the singles world for a long time, but find the changes that are happening due to technology really interesting. If you were asking this before the advent of internet dating/dating apps, it would certainly be the latter. The concept of parallel dating of people was not a concept in Ireland.

  4. May 12, 2014. WE DISCOVERED TODAY that Irish people have pretty traditional ideas when it comes to paying on a date. New research by RaboDirect reveals that a staggering 84% of Irish men are more than happy to pay for a first date. Women are. Pop culture, web gems and social Ireland, Daily Edge via Facebook.

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