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Dating abroad dating

Graham is a 74 year old guy living in Ukraine married to a girl 37 years his junior.He left his entire live in America behind, and has found much more happiness abroad....So what happens when it actually happens, when you are suddenly being asked out to the local pub for a pint in Cork, or being wined and dined at a street side restaurant in Rome, or trying to not only bike, but carry a conversation while biking alongside the canals in Amsterdam?

came out, it is fair to say that we all wanted our own Paolo, minus his trickery.

On a lighter note, having to get in touch with your friends via Whats App or Facebook Messenger is a great way to get the wifi password.

Don’t be afraid to live in the moment I am a planner and I take life a little too seriously…sometimes I am super focused on the next thing, so I forget to chill sometimes.

Wait, you can go abroad and end up dating someone from your own country? Though this wasn’t something that happened in my particular cohort, I am never quite sure why people are so surprised by this.

Think about it though - if you are in a study abroad program such as CAPA, DIS, or AIFS, you tend to be surrounded and get to know your cohort colleagues very quickly and very intensely.


  1. Jan 29, 2018. I went on a date with a man in Florence, Italy and it was one of the best dates I've ever been on! But remembering to be safe dating in your home country and abroad is so important. Text friends or family members in case the date goes badly. Drop your location too, so they know where you are. Here are a.

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