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Dating investment banking

Many investment banks are setting up initiatives, such as buddy schemes and protected time off, to safeguard the health of their employees, though how much of an effect they’ll have at the coalface is still an open question.It’s also worth knowing that in some roles in investment banking you’ll work fairly normal office hours.

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As a graduate recruit you might find yourself reading with pupils at an East End school or cleaning out a pond at a wildlife reserve with your colleagues.

But be aware that there are many other types of job in the industry – for example, you could be monitoring political developments in the eurozone, helping billionaires manage their assets, or working on your bank’s business strategy.

Wherever you’re working, you’ll find investment banking is a competitive industry where you’ll be well-rewarded if you’re prepared to keep learning and to help the business develop and adapt to change.

Investment banks recruit most of their graduate joiners from the summer internship programmes they run for penultimate year students, for which you need to apply the previous autumn.

The spring week programmes for first years that most investment banks run are a great way to get fast-tracked for a summer internship and to test out early on whether investment banking is the career for you.


  1. In response to this, support groups have formed where significant others of investment bankers come together to share their trials. Whether you are dating an.

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