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The Mexican duo have marauded through many of these options, beginning in a thrash-metal band, before dumping their electric instruments and being discovered busking in Ireland with acoustic guitars.When they first visited Sydney in 2006, a jazz standard like Take Five cohabited their repertoire with Stairway to Heaven, Metallica and Astor Piazzolla. A call for the dreaded Stairway to Heaven resulted in a brief, throwaway reinvention and Take Five has gone, although Rodrigo did tantalise with a fragment of Chick Corea's Spain.The Gipsy Kings-meet-Led Zep ethos will never appeal to the faint-hearted, but it's hard not to be impressed by the sheer energy.Originally from Mexico City, the acoustic guitar duo by Rodrigo Sanchez and Gabriela Quintero met as teenagers while playing in a thrash metal band called Tierra Acida.

Rodrigo has become even more virtuosic in his lead guitarist role, although it is Gabriela's playing that continues to define the sound, her rhythmic work combining tempestuous strumming with furious percussive attacks on her guitar's body.and has since been producing guitar prototypes for the duo.As they started to play in major outdoor concert events, they found their distinctive playing techniques, which involve creating intricate melodies and light rhythm cutting as well as using the guitar body as a percussion element, were not fully captured by professional audio (PA) systems.Therein likes part of the secret of Rodrigo y Gabriela's success.Guitar music is a kind of Esperanto, speaking to people whose primary language may be rock, jazz, classical, country, folk, flamenco, bossa nova, blues and more.After Rodrigo had asked about the audience's guitar-playing quotient, Gabriela offered a quick lesson in right-hand technique.This was fascinating, because, while the resultant rhythms are often triplet-based, the use of her fingers independently of each other in the strumming patterns is entirely her own, and makes for a density of sound that fuels the duo's vibrancy - and their success.Their first album Foc was released in 2001, followed by Re-Foc in 2003, which received gold certification.In 2004, they released Live in Manchester and Dublin and received platinum certification.Much like Antonio Forcione, the Mexican flamenco-rock duo bring a new kind of athleticism to acoustic power chords.Melodically, they're less subtle: many of their tunes establish a pulsating vamp and then settle for turning up the rhythm knob to the vaunted number 11.


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