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Most embarrassing dating stories Chat foreign

And now a group of people have revealed just how awful they can be by sharing tales about their potential partners who turned out to be nightmares.

A Reddit thread asking users what the worst thing a person could do on a first date turned into an outlet for people to confess their own horror stories - while warning others to avoid these mistakes if they want to score a second meeting.

'I'll never forget my first Valentine's Day with my girlfriend, now wife.

While he managed to get out of performing while inebriated, he said: 'I apparently tried to sell my phone for a waffle to my band director.''I remember going below deck and saw someone I didn't know.

Although I do forget my wallet a lot." —Steven, 16"I went out with a girl for a bit and didn't know her name.

I figured I'd wait until someone else said it, but it took a whole week!

But while some people are relieved to put their alcohol-triggered bad behavior behind them, a few have been generous enough to relive their most embarrassing inebriated moments for other people's amusement.

'I threw up all over his shoes after drinking a few too many Ommegang Three Philosophers,' she said.


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  2. Watch video · Predictably, many of the stories shared on the thread featured vomit. One described imbibing a bit too much on a second date in

  3. Most Embarrassing Date Stories. February 28, 2014;. Some of it got on her and it was one of the most embarrassing moments of my life. – 25-29 year-old male;

  4. Reddit, what was your most embarrassing moment. What is your most embarrassing first date. When I was about 12 I went on a date ice-skating, long story.

  5. Worst First Date Stories! Funny, Embarrassing. So what is the worst/funniest/most embarrassing thing that has happened to you while on a date?

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