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As Figures 6.18 and 6.19 show, the conditions under which DHCP clients send the FQDN option and the action taken by DHCP servers depend on the operating system that the client and server are running and how the client and server are configured.Figure 6.18 Windows 2000-based Client Figure 6.19 Client That Does Not Perform Dynamic Updates Whether the client requests dynamic update depends on whether the client is running Windows 2000 or another version of Windows.You can configure the client not to register its name and IP address in DNS.If you configure the client not to automatically register name–to–IP address mappings and the DHCP server is running Windows 2000, and it is configured to register DNS resource records on behalf on clients that are running versions of Windows earlier than Windows 2000, the DHCP server attempts to update the mappings instead.

When the preferred server becomes available, it loads the updated, directory-integrated zone that includes the update from the client.The DHCP client service runs on all computers regardless of whether they are configured as DHCP clients.By default, the dynamic update client dynamically registers its A resource records and possibly all of its PTR resource records every 24 hours or whenever any of the following events occur: By default, the dynamic update client automatically deregisters name–to–IP address mappings whenever the DHCP lease expires.To enable this functionality, in the DNS tab of the server properties for the DHCP console, select the option Enable updates for DNS clients that do not support dynamic updates .The DHCP server first obtains the name of legacy clients from the DHCP REQUEST packet.Later, if the Windows 2000 DHCP client is improperly removed from the network, the client cannot deregister its A and PTR resource records; thus, they become stale.If a stale A resource record appears in a zone that allows only secure dynamic updates, no person or computer is able to use the name in that A resource record.Windows 2000 DHCP clients are dynamic update–aware and can initiate the dynamic update process.A DHCP client negotiates the process of dynamic update with the DHCP server when the client leases an IP address or renews the lease, determining which computer will update the A and PTR resource records of the client for the FQDN (which can contain a connection-specific DNS suffix).To prevent problems with stale PTR and A resource records, you can enable the aging and scavenging feature.For more information about the aging and scavenging feature, see "Aging and Scavenging" later in this chapter.


  1. Viewing and Updating DNS Records. NS record changes may not get. Enabling and Disabling Dynamic Updates. Dynamic updates allow DNS clients to.

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