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Peter knew Mr Bednarski because he had made a complaint about him to City of York Council which had been upheld.However, he had never e-mailed him in his personal capacity or sent him any “literature”.After eighteen months of requesting sight of the “literature”, the IPCC provided a copy of a leaflet which they allege Peter Hofschröer distributed about Mr Bednarski.Peter Hofschröer denies ever seeing this leaflet before and alleges it is in fact a forged document.

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In short, the written threat to arrest Peter Hofschröer issued by Inspector Moreton is concocted and completely without substance and the Chief Constable must know this.The Home Office guidance for applying the new act specifically states that it covers a situation where a person acts in the role of carer. Peter went on to be an accomplished linguist and published historian specializing in the Napoleonic Wars and lived in Austria.The Law Commission also drew attention to this with regard to abuse of position “The necessary relationship will be present within …..a family, or in the context of voluntary work, or in any context where the parties are not at arms length”. Robert stayed in York, married Shirley, they had two children Diane and Martin and he went on to work for a City of York Council funded charity.Having been defrauded of their homes, typically they are then moved out to a relative or old people’s home, their house is sold off utilizing an immediate capital gain for the new owner and the pensioner is abandoned. The initial property fraud by Robert, Diane and Martin Hofschröer and attempt to obtain Paul & Barbara Hofschröer’s savings Paul and Barbara Hofschröer married just after the Second World War and lived happily in London and York.This type of elder abuse has become more common in the UK and to deal with it parliament passed the Fraud Act 2006, which was specifically worded to cover this type of offence by carers and members of the family etc by creating a new offence of Fraud by Abuse of Position (Section 4). Either that person makes a gain, or another person makes a loss. They had a loving marriage and two children, Peter and Robert.Concerned that they were not being cared for adequately, he returned to York and became their full time carer.According to numerous witnesses including her doctor, Peter Hofschröer was a very good carer of Paul and Barbara and nursed them back to health after the neglect they had suffered whilst being cared for by Robert Hofschröer.However, he still will not withdraw the threat to arrest Peter Hofschröer on his return to the UK, say how Inspector Moreton obtained the leaflet or provide the e-mails. Seizure and attempt to fraudulently sell Mrs Hofschröer’s home Having received confirmation from Inspector Moreton that the house was empty, on 22nd February 2010, Robert and Martin Hofschröer entered Barbara Hofschröer’s home, changed the locks and withheld a key from Robert’s mother and Martin’s grandmother, thus making her homeless.The same day, the Police Crime Log records state they were observed by neighbours removing Barbara’s property from the house as they started to clear it for sale.By promising to provide care in return for the transfer of the property and then abandoning Paul and Barbara as soon as they could, Robert, Diane and Martin acted dishonestly. By acting dishonestly they made a financial gain, namely control of the Paul and Barbara’s house.Clearly a classic case of Fraud by Abuse of Position in which Paul and Barbara had been deceived into signing over their home to their son and his children for nothing. Peter returns to York from Austria At that point, their elder son Peter came to the rescue.


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