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Then again, Iceland and parts of the Mediterranean area, the nearest current ‘hot spots’, are not so very far away.

Chunks of land are forced to plummet down towards the Earth’s core, to be eaten up by fire as they drop thousands of kilometres towards the centre.

It’s likely that the temperature will be about the same as now, perhaps even warmer, as the ice age will be long over.

The last glacial maximum – as the latest freezing phase of this ice age is known as – ended about 11,000 years ago.

The resulting melting glaciers (although the ice sheet didn’t cover the Dean, it came close, and the land would have been severely affected by the rapid melting of mile-thick ice) scalped and washed away all traces of 300 million years of earth history in the Dean and uplifted the land again.

Scotland is still rising after the weight of the ice was lifted off its back (while we and the south of England are sinking a millimetre or so per year).


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