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APC operated under the brand name of Sprint Spectrum and launched its service on November 15, 1995 in Washington, D. However, not all text-messaging systems use SMS; some notable alternate implementations of the concept include J-Phone's Sky Mail and NTT Docomo's Short Mail, both in Japan.

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Under SS7, it is a "state" with a 160 character data, coded in the ITU-T "T.56" text format, that has a "sequence lead in" to determine different language codes, and may have special character codes that permits, for example, sending simple graphs as text.

Governmental and non-governmental organizations use text messaging for communication between colleagues.

As with emailing, in the 2010s, the sending of short informal messages has become an accepted part of many cultures.

Hence there is no "development" in the US in mobile messaging service.

The GSM in the US had to use a frequency allocated for private communication services (PCS) – what the ITU frequency régime had blocked for DECT – Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications – 1000-feet range picocell, but survived.


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