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So it was that after a day’s intensive training we headed out to the lake to see if we couldn’t get the girls in touch with their first trout.Bobbing about in the boat with Rena as my first pupil we rigged up tackle as we had practised.(Author of “Tying and fishing Fuzzy Nymphs”) pretty much bet the farm on subtle movement in his patterns.Sylvester Nemes (The Softhackled Fly Addict) took much the same view, although perhaps on a more microscopic level.Some have beads just to aid in the turnover of the level leader when there is no breeze and most have a degree of toning built in, generally with darker dubbing near the eye but again I suspect that is more to do with the angler than the views of the trout.

So sure we can complicate things, even successfully at times but when the chips are down, when you are searching out fish without a clue as to what is going on under the water, well then I am reaching for my “fish food flies”, they work for me, they worked for the ladies on the weekend and no doubt they will work for you too.Real food wriggles, gills flare, legs kick whatever, movement indicates life and if you are a trout, life tends to indicate in turn the arrival of your lunch.Most fly anglers have come to similar conclusions: Polly Rosborough of “Fuzzy Flies” fame.Keith Wilder who was the lead singer of seventies funk band Heatwave has died. Famous for the hits Always And Forever and Boogie Nights, Wilder passed away in his sleep on Sunday, his cousin and bandmate Billy Jones told Wilder, who was living in the Atlanta area, had been suffering health issues at the time of his death.The fly has variously sported hackle legs, wingcases and flashbacks at different times, mostly to suit the mood of the angler more than the fish.Now I tie them up in various colour combinations from bright red to the normal dull underfur tones of the original but they all work.This particular pattern a long shanked construction manufactured of rabbit fur is a favourite of mine for stillwater fishing, in fact rarely off the leader although unlike the girls I do manage to have three patterns on there at once.It has gone through a lot of modifications over the years, initially a classical style “Hare’s Ear Nymph”, then a “Monty Nymph”, which was exactly the same construction but fashioned from the hair of my long since departed cat Monty.In the 90s, as the group's music became popular in samplings and remixes, according to Rolling Stone, Wilder reformed the funk band to tour live and released a live album in 1997.Fish food flies I recently ran an intensive weekend course for a group of lovely ladies who were relatively new to fly fishing or indeed complete novices.


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