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Then I was cumming again; I cried out this time, again clawing at his back, my legs tight around his thighs.

He groaned and was humping me so hard that my head was slapping against the headboard, his body almost crushing me with his powerful thrusts.

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As I came, I was on the verge of passing out from the intense pleasure his cock gave me but lay underneath him gasping for breath as he continued fucking me.I opened it and he was standing there, looking at me with hunger in his eyes.He told me that his water truck was in the shop–a fuel line broke– and it would be hours before it was fixed.In frustration I reached between us and took his cock, guiding it to my pussy. “Easy you’re bigger than Lee.” Jeremy was breathing so fast that he couldn’t say anything, he just forced his cock into me a little at a time.It felt wonderful as I looked up at his face locked in a tight grimace, his teeth bared as though he might bite me.I was sucking his tongue as though it were a cock and we struggled to my bedroom, ripping our clothes off in our haste to satisfy our need.I backed up on the bed, watching Jeremy’s hard cock (it was huge) as he crawled on top of me; I was wet already and he fumbled with his cock, trying to get it into me.We flirted even more openly and knew that if the chance ever came up it would happen.It was late August and he was supposed to be working when I heard a knock on the door.I took two of my fingers and scooped some more of his cum out of my pussy, grinning at him as I licked them clean, and hummed “yum.” He threw his head back and laughed saying, “Monica you are something else.” Then he looked at me again asking, “Does it bother you, knowing that I am Lee’s friend.” I told him, “No, what he doesn’t know can’t hurt him. ” He shook his head from side to side, saying that might be a bit to much, and laid back.Besides he has asked me several times if I would let you fuck me and have him watch.” Jeremy said, “No way…Really? It was my turn to sit up now and Jeremy was on his back with his hands clasped behind his head, a smile on his lips.


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