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Most employment contracts will have a line at the bottom that states “additional duties as assigned” or similar.This leaves you free to adjust the employee’s or freelancer’s responsibilities later should the need arise.It’s typically used when bringing in higher-level management employees, short-term contract employees, or freelancers.

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An employment contract is a written agreement documenting the shared rights and responsibilities between your company and a W-2 or 1099 contract employee.

Employers must write to their staff to let them know about any changes to collective agreements with trade unions or staff associations.

These changes might affect the terms of employees’ written statements, including pay and working hours, whether or not they’re a member of the union or staff association.

Employers may wish to change employees’ terms and conditions of employment for a number of reasons.

For example, it might be necessary to reduce pay or levels of benefits to cut costs, or to change employees’ duties to reflect the fact that the employer’s business has moved on.


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