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and us europeans are tho ones who brought some of these languages to our ascendants! ifuckin hate everyone, i have lived all over, france is a more enjoyable place to live than the us for many reasons.

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: until you have been a part of occupy then you don't know shit about it... students and homeless people are the 99%, too.: They're just sick of being robbed by anti-capitalist, anti-democratic power-brokers. If some shadowy cartel of over-priviledged assholes had been raping you and your loved ones for decades, and they ran the cops, would you want to keep helping them, or would you dream of going Van Damme on their collective douchebaggery?Bring back Darwin's survival of the fittest to get rid of this scum Anonymous: OWS protesters don't know who they're protesting against or for what reason.It's a classic case of misdirected anger similar to what we see in children who get frustrated when they don't get their way. ): i spell how the fuck i wont, if you can understand it it dont fuckin matter, and were talking about babys trying to top themselfs here...Anonymous: Surely Washington's four films with Spike Lee, including Malcolm X, offered more challenges to audiences as well as an effort to combine two Movies using i Movie? didnt want fuck all to do with that shit Anonymous: Right here is where i say something. Does that mean they think they're half gay themselves because from when i last checked..... Anonymous: its strange how much people on the internet love to rag on france.Students of UT are said to have taken their martial arts training quite seriously for the roles which they were preparing for. us europeans created those lands called america, australia, and new zealand and us europeans call those land we created our new homes to stay away from oppression during the renassiance and the baroque period. all of you would like france more than here, trust me.Aft finis, B put the salt in his pocket and said "let me bring the map along to avoid lost direction"..klabusterberry: do it now, iran has Eichmanndientjihad and lots of mullahs, they killed their own protesting youth in the streets and the stundents in the dorm on campus...nothing like that ever happened in ISRAEL so maybe ur arab loving comix is wrongz Anonymous: Bullshit.Iran has been preaching that theyre going to kill all the jews and start the next holocaust for years now. If israel wanted to nuke the moslems they could have done so by now. ^^ Arabs are semites too - but Persians aren't, they are white indoeuropean people. Muhammed also likes to stick his tongue up his gay lovers asshole. Anonymous: Why would you want to irradicate freedom? so don't ever make peace of yourself killed: Ha, Islam can't dominate the world. I genuinely love how it is easy on my eyes and also the facts are well written. Your writing manner is charming and the way you embraced the topic with grace is notable. with poo on him.: muhammed sucks pig dicks, eats bacon dipped in pig feces. You 3rd world country rag headed child molesting cockless faggots. Anonymous: the muslim obama is helping these animals with your tax dollars and with your children's money since the chimp is borrowing from china to finance the "arab animal spring" and its muslim brotherhood family. not blame people, fuck up the people, peace so amazing.This is farmers, mechanics, cops, teachers, students, firefighters, soldiers, marines...you name it, EVERYONE is pissed off about being robbed.


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