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Currently updating our website 100 freenaughtychat

During the redesign process we analyze what was lacking in the older version and make sure to make your site as profitable as possible using analytics and user tracking. Your competitors are either stagnant or they're scrambling to update themselves.

Now is the perfect opportunity to fly past them and absorb they're market share with a fresh new look. Gives you an entirely new online presence for which to market in social networks, media campaigns and print advertisements.

Finally, do the following: Update your domain's NS records to point to Office 365.

When the NS records have been updated to point to Office 365, your domain is all set up.

You have: new products, staff changes, announcements, policy changes, new services, warnings, tips – the list goes on. You really should make a point to update something on your website at least once a week.

Let’s review a few reasons why, and some suggestions of WHAT to update.

The short answer is “as often as there is anything worth updating!

Valentine’s Fortune Cookies You may have seen my idea from… “Sour Cream Containers” Once you know this technique, you can use them for party favors decoration or wrapping. Hi Everyone Christmas is fast approaching so this week I thought I would share a couple of Advent Calendars I have created over the last couple of years.

Make sure you have what they are looking for on your website.

When you add new products or services, make sure you put it on your website.

Email will be routed to Office 365, and traffic to your website address will continue to go to your current website host.

Learn more about adding your domain to Office 365 and keeping your current website.


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