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Bangalore nightlife hookup

All three are within touching distance and each throws up its own blend of enthusiastic drinking and relaxation.

However, if you want to find out why Bangalore is called the “Beer Capital of India”, you belong in The Biere Club on Lavelle Road or Toit in Indiranagar.

After you enter the club begin to observe who is making eye contact with you. If you notice a woman giving you lots of eye contact then half of your battle is won.

Make sure you return the eye contact and add a smile acknowledging her interest.

This will take you out of the possible friend category and put you into the mating category. If she shows interest, I will move a little closer and put my hand on her shoulder.

Women are always looking for possible mates to bear their children. When a real man comes along they can't help but respond from their basic instincts. If I still get the go ahead, I will then start to control the way she moves and guide her into dirty dancing style.

If you simply want to let your hair down and have the carefree susegad Goan experience, try Opus.

You gotta convey that you are not afraid of her in the least bit. After you have selected your target from the women who are interested in what you have displayed, ie: proper dress, attitude, etc... " (She will 99% of the time answer ok.) You have taken control away from her and placed it in your greedy little hands.Sky Lounge lives up to its name in every single way with an 8,000 sq ft open air lounge, great music and a bar right in the middle of it all.There’s nothing quite like watching the shimmering lights of the city melt away into the Bangalore breeze as the music serenades the darkness of the night.Start off with the guy who claims ownership over good times, at the UB City Mall.Once the shoppers get bored, it becomes the bustling heart of the city’s night life, housing some of the best lounge bars in the city.I never ask her to dance again, I just charge in like an alpha male and take her. Anyone can learn to move their bodies to the music and express themselves.It has been my experience that women find this irresistible and will most likely follow a dominant male who knows what he wants and where he is going. On the dance floor I will start with simple dancing with a small space between us.Most of the women are there because they are single and available or are with someone who is.To pick them up you need to follow a few simple steps: 1.Metaphorically from an women’s perspective, like Cinderella at the ball, their Uber rides turns back into a round pumpkin again because of the curfew. The world is your oyster, and you deserve all the good pleasures in life if you have money or not. So why waste time with Western girls who will mess with your head. Panchatantra and Hitopadesha tells the tale the The Brahmin’s Wife and the Mongoose which is popular in Karnataka.


  1. May 28, 2016. There's no dearth of pubs in Bangalore. In case you're missing the reference here mobile bars on street corners just like we have mobile thelas. MOREbangalorebar-hoppingbarsbars in Indiranagarbeerbreweriesbreweries in Indiranagarcocktailcocktailscraft beerdraught beerhangoutshappy.

  2. Nightclubs are one of the best places to meet women. Most of the women are there because they are single and available or are with someone who is.

  3. Jan 10, 2018. A list of 11 best party places Ladies Night in Bangalore for single guys and hot girls.

  4. Jan 13, 2018. We did the research so that you don't have to. Skyye and Church Street Social are on the list. See what other places made the cut.

  5. Find Meetups in Bangalore about Singles and meet people in your local community who share your interests.

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