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Couger dating service

A MILF is a woman and mother, whom a man, of any age, finds attractive and would like to sleep with.

A cougar is an intellectually challenged older woman who doesn't have enough game to satisfy an experienced man, so you hangs at Frat houses and dazzles the 2 pump chumps...;-)ok, 'vanilla' beans........

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I am definitely a cougar ( since I'm a dating a man who is 12 years younger than me ) and some men such as my current boyfriend would consider be to be a MILF. Most of them are looking for someone their own Age . Cougar Mingle is the best place to meet hot local cougar women and cubs. Here you can meet and date cougar women or younger men. However in many older women / younger men relationships, the older woman is often both a cougar and a milf. She is dating a younger man, the younger man thinks she is attractive, and often the older women is divorced with kids. They all asked me to be freinds on myspace, which is fine, so now I can see the private profiles and see what these youngsters are all up to! but a Cougar is something a younger guy calls a pretty woman in her 40s (or older). The older woman isn't necessarily *looking* for a younger man. Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate.i think the milf is the younger guy wanting herthe cougar is the woman out to get the younger guy(however, by the very acronym of the term milf - it has to denote a mother... but the cougar can be any older woman - with or without kids)sounds like thesis material Those are two of the most annoying terms ever invented. I think of some frat boys sitting around drunk and giggling. MILF = attractive mother of any agecougar = a woman who dates men who are at least 7-8 years younger than herself. If a woman likes younger guys..by all means..herself. Most cougars are at least 30-35 yrs old or older since very few women in their 20s date men who are much younger than they are. That's probably why some people think milf and cougar are the same thing. I think if you asked my 14 year old sons friends, they would tell you I am a MILF. Here in the Northeast, a MILF is what y'all have stated...


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