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Intercultural dating communication

Shannon and Weaver suggests, when people interact initially, uncertainties exist especially when the probability for alternatives in a situation is high and the probability of them occurring is equally high.They assume uncertainty is reduced when the amount of alternatives is limited and/or the alternatives chosen tend to be repetitive.Every culture has different meanings in the nonverbal communication form.What one may feel is simple and positive gesture in their culture may be offensive in another culture.There are seven assumptions associated with the uncertainty reduction theory: Uncertainty is one motivation behind adoption of norms in most societies in which people tend to abide by, and if in initial conversations one chooses to ignore such norms there are risks of increasing behavioral uncertainty and reducing the likelihood of having future interactions.A great example of ignoring societal norms is engaging in inappropriate self-disclosure.For example; people from the Middle East may stand close when talking with each other. I’ll be using , org, and to give a little insight of Columbia nonverbal communication Columbians expressive hands and face is consider to be excited speech.Columbians use the palm down and waving the whole hand or just fingers; to come here to no pointing because its impolite.

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Charles Berger and Richard Calabrese explain the connection between their central concept of uncertainty and seven key variables of relationship development with a series of axioms, and deduce a series of theorems accordingly.First, communication behavior itself is what we endeavor to predict and explain.Second, communication behavior is one vehicle that enables the formulation of predictions and explanations.Smiling is very important for columbians, they also don’t like to put their feet on furniture. Colombians may arrive thirty minutes late for social engagements. Another important aspect in the Columbian culture is clothing dress and well and be welled groom.The uncertainty reduction theory, also known as initial interaction theory, developed in 1975 by Charles Berger and Richard Calabrese, is a communication theory from the post-positivist tradition.It is one of the only communication theories that specifically looks into the initial interaction between people prior to the actual communication process.The theory asserts the notion that, when interacting, people need information about the other party in order to reduce their uncertainty.In 1975, Charles Berger and Richard Calabrese created uncertainty reduction theory "to explain how communication is used to reduce uncertainties between strangers engaging in their first conversation together".Previous researchers had approached interpersonal communication from empirical perspectives.Because they are so affection women well kiss or brush cheeks during greatings.In this country less eye contact and standing away from a person when communicate is consider rude.


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