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"No one else was really considering the possibility that chat could provide the commercial edge," claims Mac Anna.

The event became the largest single production ever staged by a UK ISP.

"We're a closed system and obviously that does limit us if a celebrity wants maximum access," admits Simon Raven, a producer at AOL UK.

Commercialising web chats is, he says, "more of a future thing.

What is more surprising is that only MSN has so far really run with the idea.

Three of the largest celebweb events ever staged - The X-Files, George Michael and James Cameron, director of Titanic - have been developed, promoted and administered by MSN here in the UK.


  1. Apr 3, 2017. If that's the method you use, AOL has a free “bring your own Internet connection” that allows non-AOL members to use AOL services, including reading their AOL emails. Once again, AOL is about to change its business model. If you use AOL software to access your email, or use its chat rooms or other.

  2. Sep 6, 1998. Earlier this year, in the face of fierce competition from AOL in the US, MSN UK won exclusive rights to webcast The X-Files live chat. "We won because MSN is out on the free Internet and not behind an exclusive membership enclosure, and because we were able to put a major global deal together to.

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