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I would also like to be a daddy for a little girl or boy. I am looking for a strict, but loving mommy or daddy.

Comments: Be in diapers, be a toddler, be naughty, get spanked, and take baths. I need one that will spank me, but love me as well.

My family doesn't know about this and I don't want them to know.

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I need no special treatment and I can feel my bottom so when and if you think I need my bare bottom spanked you canknowing i can feel everything, and you can do whatever you like which I will accept.I also like playing with toys and I'm looking for other ab and dl to chat with.And I am also looking for a play mate or play mates.I have a radar key, this key unlocks disabled toilets.I am very sorry I have no pictures of me in my girl outfits.Please don't worry if you have stairs in your home this is not a problem as I can go up and down them on my bottom then crawl I think I should tell you I am on benefits, due to my disability.I think I must also say that due to the fact I do not earn I can't have a Mummy abroad although I would love this.I recently purchased a scooter so can go up the shops on my own.I think I should tell you I am in benefits which are not much.I will be happy to learn a new language if required.I found out recently that I have never been wanted by my family, so If you can help will be fantastic or find someone who can. Ello all, well I am a lil ab sissy frilly nappy dolly from UK.


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