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So when it comes to pornography – something that can be made by anyone, endlessly copied, easily encrypted, transmitted freely across borders and stored in the cloud – legislation about its risks is clearly necessary.

When it comes to guns – things that are hard to make, not copyable, difficult to ship across borders and can’t be stored in a million different ways – well there’s no point legislating control of those.

Yet, I think we might have now reached a point in the US where the politicians are so stupid, it almost doesn’t matter what side you’re on. After the recent tragic Florida school shooting, The Florida House of Representatives leapt swiftly into action – by declaring pornography a public health risk.

This was immediately after they’d declined to debate gun control.

About 3 weeks ago my mum asked me to collect some washing from her bedroom.

I walked in picked up some clothes and felt something wet touch my hand.

I try and keep the politics fairly light around here.

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