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Internet dating show mtv

It was VERY silly and some of the contestants were real jerks but it was an enjoyable non-thinking 30 minutes.

Working with his film-maker buddy Max Joseph, and a crew from MTV, he began travelling across the US, meeting people who had been talking to someone online, suspected they were fake and wanted to find out the truth.

The post-season reunion show also had an interesting moment with Mike and Heather from S2E15.

Heather assumed that Mike had rejected her because she was fat while Mike admitted that he was skeeved out by her catfishing, and NOT because she was a “bigger person.” That said, Mike had been catfished TWICE by Heather, both times using a thin blonde woman as her persona. On a social level, the fact that so many of the catfish (a total of 8 out of the 15 episodes in season 2) turned out to be fat is a huge commentary not only on the internalized fatphobia of some fat people but also the intense difficulty when finding love and dealing with loneliness that fat people can face.

This is an example of hyper fatphobia that arguably creates some kind of fucked up loop where fat people feel the need to minimize their appearance or flat-out hide what they truly look like lest they are victim to online bullying or stigmatization because of weight or appearance.

While undoubtedly physical attraction can work in complex and mysterious ways, societal standards of beauty can also heavily influence who and what you are attracted to, sometimes in ways that further oppressions against people who do not fit into “traditional” beauty roles.


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