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Updating backrow on a mac

I downloaded the skin, extracted and created a zip and tried to load it into XBMC. i would love to help out, but unfortunately i am no coder.... thx Hi, A few days ago I began getting the "Dependencies Not Met" error and almost all my add-ons are showing "broken".

Then the log stated I was missing script.logo-downloader version 2.0.

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Hello, I'm having trouble installing the Simplicity theme from within XBMC.

Ok I've tried to load Focus onto ATV but nothing is happening since updating to the new atlantis it doesn't seem to let send over the skin.

I can connect into ATV but when uploading it, it says ' 2 No such files' don't understand why because i'm doing exactly the same as when i loaded on Backrow skin. :confused2: Mediastream is what I'm using daily because I'm on an ATV instead of a Mac Mini...

When I did a search on that logo downloader I fount out is was deprecated qoepsah8wh1r0x5 Don't know if that's the way to go....

Defines when the refresh rate adjustments should take place.


  1. Settings for the video features are found here. Manage your video library, set video playback options, change video listing options, set subtitle fonts, etc. Show.

  2. Community Discussion - The Antiquarian Update. That being said I would like him to have ONE ability he can use in the backrow. Do you plan on keep updating the.

  3. Same thing with the French version of Mac OS X. the permissions database is the one that needs updating. PrivateFrameworks/BackRow.framework.

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